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A message from the Chair

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Bruce L. Baker PhotoWelcome, or welcome back, to the UCLA Department of Psychology, the largest academic unit at UCLA and one of the most prized, for education and research, in the country! We look forward to 2012-2013 with our enrollment being just under 3,000 students. After reviewing over 900 applicants last winter, we have 38 new doctoral students entering for a total of 214 graduate students this fall quarter.

In 2011 and in 2012 we welcomed four Assistant Professors: Martin Monti (cognitive), Jesse Rissman (cognitive), Janet Tomiyama (health), and Kate Wassum (learning and behavior). We look forward to welcoming Associate Professor Denise Chavira (clinical) who will be starting winter 2013.

Last year we began a new Psychology Diversity Science Initiative Lecture Series sponsored by the UCLA Psychology Department, the Dean of Life Sciences and the Office for Faculty Diversity & Development. Our guest speakers last year were Drs. Ilan Meyer, Raul Caetano, and Susan Fiske. We look forward to hosting guest speakers Drs. Kay Deaux, Jack Dovidio, Claude Steele, Gene Brody, and Rebecca Bigler for 2012-2013. This initiative aims to advance theoretical and research perspectives in the behavioral sciences on underrepresented minority groups.

The Department has launched a graduate minor in Diversity Science that includes a newly developed core graduate course The Psychology of Diversity. The Diversity Science concentration aims to advance theoretical and research perspectives on underrepresented minority groups, both testing the boundaries of current psychological theory and making new discoveries in identifying unique psychological processes relevant to the experiences of minority groups.

We have added a Video Library link to our alumni webpage where you can see Department lectures and commencement…please check out these videos! More lectures will be posted as we expand our Video Library.

As part of our community, we would like to hear from you about your activities since graduation. Please email us at with your news. We hope to get many responses from our alumni that we can post on our webpage in the future. Each year, we schedule events that you might want to attend. As they arise, we will email you an invitation. Please update your contact information to help us reach you with event invites and department news.

Finally, your partnership with us is vital to our continued success. Without your generous support, our ability to remain one of the top psychology departments in the world would not be possible. Your help has never been more important to our mission. There are several areas your gift may be directed to, and all gifts have a vital impact on our department. To learn more, please visit

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Bruce L. Baker
Distinguished Professor and Chair
UCLA Department of Psychology

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