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Kerri Johnson [Edit Page]

Assistant Professor

Social Psychology

Contact Information

Office: 2303 Rolfe Hall

Phone: x54199



Representative Publications


Johnson, K. L., & Shiffrar, M. (Eds.). (2013).  People Watching:  Social, Perceptual, and Neurophysiological Studies of Body Perception.  New York:  Oxford University Press.Oxford University Press.

Journal Articles:

Carpinella, C. M., & Johnson, K. L. (in press).  Appearance-based politics:  Sex-typed facial cues communicate political party affiliation.  Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.


Johnson, K. L., Iida, M., & Tassinary, L. G. (2012).  Person (mis)perception:  Functionally biased sex categorization of bodies.  Proceedings of the Royal Society, Biological Sciences, 279, 4982 – 4989.

Freeman, J. B., Johnson, K. L., Adams, R. B., Jr., & Ambady, N. (2012). The social-sensory interface:  Category interactions in person perception.  Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, 8 (81), 1 – 13.  Doi:  10.3389/fnint.2012.00081.

Johnson, K. L., Freeman, J. B., & Pauker, K. (2012).  Race is gendered:  How covarying phenotypes and stereotypes bias sex categorization.  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 102, 116 – 131.

Ghavami, N. & Johnson, K. L. (2011).  Comparing sexual and ethnic minority perspectives on same-sex marriage.  Journal of Social Issues, 67, 394 – 412.

Johnson, K. L., & Ghavami, N. (2011).  At the crossroads of conspicuous and concealable:  What race categories communicate about sexual orientation. PLoS One, 6, e18025, doi:10.1371/journalpone.0018025.

Johnson, K. L., McKay, L., & Pollick, F. E. (2011).  Why “He throws like a girl” (but only when he’s sad):  Emotion affects sex-decoding of biological motion displays.Cognition, 119, 265 – 280.

Freeman, J. B., Johnson, K. L., Ambady, N., Rule, N. (2010).  Sexual orientation perception involves gendered facial cues.  Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 36, 1318 – 1331.

Johnson, K. L., Lurye, L. E., & Tassinary, L. G. (2010).  Sex categorization among preschool children:  Increasing sensitivity to sexually dimorphic cues. Child Development, 81, 1346 – 1355.

Freeman, J. B., Ambady, N., Rule, N. O., & Johnson, K.L (2008).  Will a category cue attract you?  Motor output reveals dynamic competition across person construal.  Journal of Experimental Psychology:  General, 137, 673 – 690.

Johnson, K. L., Gill, S., Reichman, V., & Tassinary, L  G.  (2007).  Swagger, sway, and sexuality:  Judging Sexual Orientation from body motion and morphology.  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 93, 321 – 334.

Johnson, K. L., & Tassinary, L. G.  (2007). Compatibility of basic social perceptions determines perceived attractiveness. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 104, 5246 – 5251.

Johnson, K. L., & Tassinary, L. G.  (2005).  Perceiving sex directly and indirectly:  Meaning in motion and morphology.  Psychological Science, 16, 890 – 897.

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