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Employment Exception Forms

1. Standard Exception Request Form

Students who are requesting to work over 50%, supplement NRSA stipends, Pauley Fellowships, training grant stipends, or fellowships other than those listed in section II below must submit a Standard Exception Request Form. Please note that students with a GSR position (any % level) or a training grant who would like to take on a supplemental TA position (any % level), must submit a Standard Exception Request Form:

2. Fellowship Supplement Request

Please read the Department and Graduate Division Funding Guidelines prior to submitting this form. Students who wish to supplement one of the fellowships listed below must submit a Fellowship Supplement Request:

The fellowships and awards that require this form are: Cota Robles Fellowships, GD Privately Endowed Fellowships, Dissertation Year Fellowships, NSF, Ford, Javits fellowships, GRM Awards, GSRM Awards.

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