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Special News and Events

Special News and Events

Special News and Events including Faculty Spotlights, News and other Special Events

Highlighting Faculty Member Ted Robles
We know that having happy, high quality social relationships is good for our physical health. We also know that unhappy, distressed social relationships are related to poorer physical health. My research focuses on how social relationships “get under our skin” to affect our physical health.
Psychology Department Featured on Daily Bruin Radio
Daily Bruin Radio spoke with students to explore why Psychology majors are so popular.
Stan Schein and Martin Monti Honored at Life Science Award Ceremony
Professor Schein was selected for the Life Science Award for Outstanding Research Publication, Full Professor and Professor Monti was selected for the Life Science Award for Outstanding Research Publication, Assistant Professor. They were both honored at the Life Science Award Ceremony and Reception on June 3.
Annette Stanton Receives Award
Professor Stanton has been awarded the Contributions to International Collaborations Award of the International Society of Behavioral Medicine, for her outstanding contributions to behavioral medicine, including her strong contributions to improving international collaboration in this field.
UGSP Alumni Conference
Underrepresented Graduate Students in Psychology Alumni Conference Friday, May 30, 2014
Matthew Lieberman Quoted in The New York Times
Professor Matthew Lieberman was quoted in The New York Times in an article about how people seek approval through social media.
Michelle Craske Elected President of the Association for Behavioral Cognitive Therapy
Michelle Craske has been elected to serve as President of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy during 2015-2016 year.
Patricia Greenfield elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Patricia Greenfield has recently been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Congratulations to Patricia!
Vickie Mays Quoted in the Los Angeles Daily News
Professor Mays featured on a news article about Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers.
Criminally Minded
The Third Annual Psychology Interdisciplinary Events Symposium
Janet Tomiyama - In the News
Janet Tomiyama's JAMA Pediatric research has garnered some national news coverage.
Phill Kellman - Appointed to SEP
Professor Phill Kellman was recently appointed to the Society of Experimental Psychology. SEP is a small, highly selective group of top academic psychologists. The current Chair of SEP, Barbara Knowlton, hosted its annual meeting at UCLA earlier this month.
Highlighting New Faculty Member Jesse Rissman
My research uses behavioral and neuroimaging techniques to study the mechanisms of human memory. A core focus is on understanding how the brain flexibly regulates the formation, maintenance, and retrieval of memories depending on our present circumstances and behavioral goals.
Highlighting Faculty Member Denise Chavira
My research has focused on understanding the causes of child and adolescent anxiety, examining the impact of culture on psychopathology, and developing effective ways to extend psychosocial interventions to underserved groups.
Animals In Research
This week, the Department of Psychology received a number of post cards, phone calls and emails from individuals opposed to research being conducted by Professor David Jentsch and his students. They expressed their objection to the use of animals in this research, which is on the biological bases of various forms of mental illness. They claim that the work is bad science and does not need to be done on animals. We believe that both assertions are incorrect.
Highlighting New Cognitive Area Faculty Member Martin M. Monti
What makes us distinctly human? The answer lies within the 100 billion neurons that make one of the most mysterious and complex objects in nature: the human brain. My research focuses on two questions addressing the most characterizing aspects of being human: (a) What is the relationship (if any) tying language and thought? and (b)What is consciousness and how is it lost and recovered after severe brain injury?
Introducing New Health Psychology Assistant Professor Janet Tomiyama
The United States along with much of the world is facing a health crisis. Chronic diseases have replaced acute diseases as the main health threats that face Americans, and America’s aging population exacerbates this crisis. What can we do to improve health in our country—and what type of research is needed to help us find a solution?
Psychology Diversity Science Initiative Lecture Series
2012-2013 Lecture Dates Scheduled Aversive Racism and Racial Biases Among Healthcare Providers by Dr. Jack F. Dovidio on November 15th
Professor Matt Lieberman's Research in Psychological Science
Which ads are winners? Your brain knows better than you do. Study on smokers' brains may mark dawn of a new age in advertising.
Robert A. Bjork SEP Honor
Distinguished Professor Robert A. Bjork was awarded the Norman Anderson Lifetime Achievement Award at the 107th meeting of the Society of Experimental Psychologists, an honorary society that was founded by E. B. Titchener in 1904.
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