Time Reporting System (TRS)

What is TRS? The Time Reporting System, (TRS) is a web-based time reporting system. You will be able to record and track work hours and time taken via an electronic timesheet.

How do I access TRS? Yes, you can use any device that allows you access to the web page, such as smart phones (Droid, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.), or tablets (IPAD, Android, HP TouchPad, etc.).

Can I use TRS to report vacation and sick time? Yes. You can report leave time in TRS. Leave time includes sick, vacation, comp time off, Leave without Pay (LWOP), jury duty and voting time off.


Biweekly Payroll Calendar - 2019

Monthly Payroll Calendar - 2019

Payroll Calendar

Holiday Pay Table

Leave Accruals

Vacation Accrual

Sick leave accrual is in proportion to the percentage of time worked — full-time staff earn one eight-hour day each month (up to 12 days maximum per year) with no overall limit. Sick leave accruals may convert to service credit for purposes of retirement — see section IV Retirement Plans, University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP).