ASE Fee Remissions

As a result of employment in an eligible academic apprentice personnel title, graduate students may receive certain fee remissions.

Fee remissions cover the following assessment categories:

  • Health Insurance (100%).
  • Tuition (100%).
  • Student Services Fee (100%).

Eligibility is determined by the following criteria:

  1. Appointments must be at least 25 percent time, not to exceed 50 percent time, and only under eligible title codes. Students should see the Academic Apprentice Personnel Manual for details
  2. Students must work at least 25 percent time during the term.
  3. Students must be registered/enrolled in at least 12 units continuously for the term(s) of appointment.
  4. Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA at the time of hire.
  5. Supervised by a UCLA faculty member.

Statement of Understanding and Balance of Fees

Summary of benefits, requirements for maintaining benefits, and acknowledgment statement for students receiving academic apprentice appointments at UCLA. This must be signed annually.

Fee remissions do not cover all graduate student fees. Those additional fees are the responsibility of the graduate student to ensure payment by the applicable deadlines. Fees are subject to change at any time. Balance of fees varies for new and continuing students. Please review the Statement of Understanding to see Balance of Fees for each quarter.

Please consult your BruinBill account for the actual balance of fees or the Registrar’s Office website:

Our department’s deadline to submit 2022-23 fee remissions for ASEs are as follows:

  • Fall 2022: Friday, August 5, 2022
  • Winter 2023: Friday, November 18,2023
  • Spring 2023: Friday, February 24, 2023

Therefore, we will require ample time to process hiring and enter fee remissions to avoid the student being dropped from their courses, assessed late fees, or potentially receive late payments for work. Fee remissions will be processed once hiring paperwork is completed and active in UCPath and in the order they are received. Please note that the turnaround for award processing, including revisions, is two to three weeks. Fee remission submitted after the deadline may result in delayed payment to the student.

Fee Deferrals

All academic apprentice personnel are eligible to receive a fee deferral for registration fees assessed during the quarter in which they serve as an academic apprentice. If there was a delay in processing your hiring paperwork or hired after the fee remissions deadline, you may request for a fee deferral. You are responsible for ensuring that these fees are paid by the payback deadline. In general, the deferred payment deadline is two months after the standard quarterly due date. If your fees are not paid by this date, you will be liable for an additional $50 late charge. Please contact your departmental administrator to request a fee deferral. Please note that fee deferrals cannot be reversed and if you decide not to enroll after a fee deferral has been posted, you are still liable to pay the tuition and registration fees. Please view Term Calendar for fee deadlines.