FAQs About ASE/GSR Employment

How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

In order to set up direct deposit, or initiate changes, log in to UCPath Online.

Dashboard Navigation: Income and Taxes > Direct Deposit

If you are not enrolled in direct deposit, your check will be mailed to the address listed on your UCPath record. Please make sure to log on to your UCPath portal and check accuracy of information.

When will I be paid?

Monthly employees will be paid on the 1st of every month and will be paid in arrears via the payment method you have on file within UCPath.

QuarterPay PeriodPaydate
Summer TermJuly 1 – 31 PaymentAugust 1, 2022
Summer TermAugust 1 – 31 PaymentSeptember 1, 2022
Summer TermSeptember 1 – 30 PaymentSeptember 30, 2022
Fall TermOctober 1 – 31 PaymentNovember 1, 2022
Fall TermNovember 1 – 30 PaymentDecember 1, 2022
Fall TermDecember 1 – 31 PaymentJanuary 3, 2023
Winter TermJanuary 1 – 31 PaymentFebruary 1, 2023
Winter TermFebruary 1 – 28 PaymentMarch 1, 2023
Winter TermMarch 1 – 31 PaymentApril 1, 2023
Spring TermApril 1 – 30 PaymentApril 29, 2023
Spring TermMay 1 –31 PaymentJune 1, 2023
Spring TermJune 1 –30 PaymentJuly 1, 2023

2022 Monthly Payroll Calendar

2022 Biweekly Payroll Calendar

Where will my paycheck be disburse?

You will receive a paper paycheck or direct deposit depending on your preference reported on your UCPath portal. If you currently receive a paper paycheck, your paycheck is mailed on payday to your home address on file on UCPath. By switching to Direct Deposit, you can get access to your pay on payday.

In order to set up direct deposit, or initiate changes, log in to UCPath portal.

Dashboard Navigation: Income and Taxes > Direct Deposit

ASE and GSR payroll will be processed and paid by the UCPath Center.

What is BruinDirect?

BruinDirect is a fast, secure process to deposit financial award refunds directly to a student’s bank account. After financial aid (i.e. fellowships, stipends, loans) is disbursed to cover posted charges (such as tuition, UCSHIP, etc.) on the BruinBill, remaining funds are deposited to the student’s designated bank account. An e-mail notice is sent when a deposit is made. Students can enroll, manage accounts, and update banking information in BruinDirect through BruinBill via MyUCLA. This is NOT to be confused with UCPath for payroll Direct Deposit.

What is the maximum percentage of time I can be employed?

U.C. students may not be employed for more than 50% (20 hours a week) during an academic quarter, in any single or combination of University titles, academic and/or staff, including University Extension unless authorized by the Dean of the student’s school or College. However, students can be employed up to 100 percent during quarter breaks and summer.

Maximum Employment During Inter-Quarter Months & Summer Periods

Are academic apprentice appointees eligible for benefits?

Academic apprentice appointees are eligible for fee deferrals, medical insurance, fee remissions and TA Advance Loan checks. For details on these benefits consult the Academic Apprentice Personnel Manual.

Are Teaching and research assistantships earnings taxable?

Payment for services rendered under apprentice titles is a wage item and as such is subject to withholding. In addition, the federal Tax Reform Act of 1986 and other tax laws and regulations contain numerous provisions that affect student support:

  1. Teaching and research assistantships are fully taxable.
  2. Whether or not service in an academic apprentice title is a degree requirement does not affect the taxability of the student’s earnings.
  3. Fee remissions distributed through the academic apprentice fee remission program are not taxable under Section 117 of the Internal Revenue Code.
  4. The language used to denote an award—for example, assistantship, fellowship, grant, scholarship, traineeship, stipend—does not affect the taxability of the funds.
  5. If a student holding an academic apprentice title has an appointment over 50% or is enrolled in fewer than 8 units, earnings are subject to Medicare deductions and Defined Contribution Plan (DCP) Safe Harbor contributions.
  6. Effective January 1, 1997, UCLA recognizes claims of exemption from federal tax under the “student compensation” provisions of bilateral tax treaties. Contact the UCLA Payroll Office for more information on the applicability of such treaties to apprentice salaries.

For more detailed tax information, visit https://grad.ucla.edu/funding/financial-aid/tax-information-forms-for-ucla-fellowship-recipients/ or contact the Graduate Fellowships and Financial Services Office, 1228 Murphy Hall, (310) 825-1025.

What are the requirements graduate apprentices must meet to receive fee remissions?

The following standards must be met in order for graduate students to receive apprentice fee remissions: (1) Students must register and enroll by the third week of the quarter (registration and enrollment must also be maintained throughout the quarter); (2) appointment(s) must total 25% time or more for the quarter (45% time or greater for GSR NRST only); (3) students must work hours equivalent to 25% time in apprentice titles in a given quarter (usually 106-110 hours); (4) graduate students are expected to enroll in at least 12 units to receive health insurance and fee remissions. In addition, graduate students must maintain a 3.0 GPA to be appointed as an apprentice and may not work more than 12 quarters as a TA or more than 18 quarters in all apprentice titles combined.

Can I hold a summer session appointment?

Academic school year Policies apply to apprentice teaching appointments in Summer Sessions, with two exceptions. Since there is no summer quarter, registration is not required in the summer, providing the student was either registered the preceding Spring and is a continuing student or has submitted a Statement of Intent to Register for the following fall. Summer Sessions appointments do not count against the 12-quarters and, by exception only the following advancement to candidacy, no more than 18 quarters. Effective July 1, 2017, each summer session (A, B, or C) appointment can count towards T.A. step increases or meeting T.A. experiential requirements.