Bi-Weekly Paid Employees – Recording COVID-19 Leave on TRS

If you would like to enter time related to EPSL specific conditions, please do the following:

  • To correctly enter these hours into your TRS timesheet, please login to the Time Reporting System using your credentials.
  • Select the date on your timesheet calendar that you would like to use EPSL.
  • Select “Add”
  • Under the Add Menu, a dropdown menu will appear with the different types of hours you can add.
    • Please select “Emerg EE (Emerg Sick Leave Emp)” for reason 1-6
  • Enter the amount of hours EPSL will be covering.
Emerg EE (Emerg Sick Leave Emp)

Please enter notes to the “Timesheet Comments” that you are “Reporting paid leave COVID-19 – EPSL.”