Bi-Weekly Paid Employees – Recording COVID-19 Leave on TRS

If you would like to enter time related to the UC Executive Order specific conditions, please do the following:

  • To correctly enter these hours into your TRS timesheet, please login to the Time Reporting System using your credentials.
  • Select the date on your timesheet calendar that you would like your administrative leave to apply to.
  • Select “Add”
  • Under the Add Menu, a dropdown menu will appear with the different types of hours you can add. Please select “Paid Leave (COVID 19)
    • Employees will no longer select “Admin” to record COVID-19 related paid leave.
  • Enter the amount of hours for this date that your administrative leave will be covering.
TRS Timesheet

Please enter notes to the “Timesheet Comments” that you are “Reporting paid leave COVID-19 as outlined in Executive Order dated 03/17/20.”