Human Subjects

Research Human Subject Disbursement Request (Formerly Petty Cash)

In an effort to remain compliant with the Office of Payment Solutions & Compliance and UC BUS-49, Policy for Cash Handling and Cash Equivalents, below are a few friendly reminders pertaining to the use and handling of research human subject disbursement funds:

  • Expenses paid from a Research Human Subject Disbursement can only be made for the purpose for which fund was authorized and must be supported by receipts. An excel spreadsheet must be supplied to the Business Office for replenishment or within 90 days of disbursement, whichever occurs first.
  • When not in use, the fund currency must be placed in a safe or a locked receptacle, which is kept in a properly secured area. Storing of cash is based on the following cash limits:
    • Up to $1,000 in a lockable receptacle
    • From $1,001 to $2,500 in a safe
    • From $2,501 to $25,000 in a steel door safe, with a door thickness of not less than 1 inch and wall thickness of not less than ½ inch.
  • Before requesting payment, there must be a current IRB approval number on file with the Office of Human Research Protection Program (OHRPP). Disbursement type (cash, gift card, or Bruincard deposit) must match the current IRB approval number on file with OHRPP or the request will be denied.
  • Cash will only be released to the authorized personnel(s) and PI identified on the form.  Authorized personnel(s) must be active UCLA employees.
  • A delivery fee of $8.50 for on-campus and $14.00 for off-campus will be assessed for each request.
  • The maximum disbursement at one time if $5,000. Requests for more than $5,000 at one time may require additional time for review and approval.
  • Any unused cash can be deposited and credited to your account. When bringing deposits to the Business Office, cash must be physically handed to a Fund Manager or the Financial Manager.
    Please do not leave cash on desks, in-boxes, mail slots etc. Cash must be counted in dual custody – Fund Manager and PCF custodian .
  • In the event of a theft, the loss must be reported to the campus police immediately, at ext. 51491.