Accessing LifeSci SAN

Accessing Selene Server using Windows or a Mac

How to Access the SAN server from XP

  • Double-click on the My Computer Icon
  • Select Map a Drive from the Tools Menu
  • Select Different User in the dialog box; enter the user name and password you were sent by email
  • Click finish and that should map a drive.  To see it double-click again on the My Computer Icon; it will be listed as one of your drives.

How to Access the SAN server from a Mac

  • Select “Connect to Server...” (Apple + K)
  • Input the following in the “Server Address:” field cifs://
  • Click “Connect”. A dialogue box will prompted for credentials. Input credentials and click “OK”
  • Select the volume “Psych”

The volume will mount. You will be able to access the folders you have permissions for, including your personal user directory.