Tower Construction Updates

August 17th Update

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to notify you of several upcoming construction events that could potentially impact you. These are target dates – we’ll confirm specific dates and time of work as early as possible.

Week of September 3-7

What:   Construction fencing will be going up.

Where: portions of the north exterior of the tower building, former IDP playground, and much of the motorcycle parking lot.

Impact: We advise that people be aware of their surroundings when entering the building during this setup. We do not expect any heavy noise from this activity. Front and side first-floor entrances to the tower will remain accessible. The east-side door to tower floor A will still be accessible from the loading dock driveway, via bruin card as before. Some routes such as the underground tunnel from Lot 2 will have less direct access to the tower building, but signs providing directions will provide guidance.

Week of September 3-14

What:  Construction of contractor’s office.

Where: Inside the tower lobby, west side.

Impact: Construction materials and some noise in the lobby area.

Week of September 26-October 2

What:  Cutting away and removing a section of the stairs for site preparation to build the external manlift (manlift = elevator on the outside of the building for construction use).

Where: Exterior north side of the tower building near northeast corner.

Impact: We expect this to be the most significant noise during phase 1, most noticeable for occupants of that corner of the building on the 1st floor, A-level and potentially on B and C floors. The acoustic consultant reviewed this work and does not view this as a high-impact activity relative to our Department’s activities. However, some research studies could be impacted.

Week of November 5-9

What:  Bolting manlift to building

Where: Exterior north side of the tower building near northeast corner, floors 1-4.  

Impact: Intermittent noise related to bolting the lift to the exterior of the building, especially for rooms near the northeast corner on the 2nd and 4th floors.

Alicia E., Sabrina, Julie, & Greg


August 8th Update

Dear Colleagues,

During the design phase of the Franz Tower Seismic Renovation project, an acoustics consultant was retained by UCLA Capital Programs to analyze potential construction noise impacts on building occupants. Items studied included how sound would travel from floor to floor using various construction tools. Tool noise that did not travel significantly between floors was deemed “low noise” impact. Tool noise that did travel in a significant audible range and/or created sharp, distinct noises was deemed “high noise” impact. This expert analysis was used to determine working hours and to assist with the planning for potential impact on our labs.  Members of the Long Term Facilities Planning Committee are meeting regularly with the building contractors and Capital Programs to oversee the building phase of the project, with particular attention to noise and other issues that affect our research and teaching activities. 

As we move into Phase 1 of the renovation, we want to provide information about the different types of tools that will be used and associated noise impact.  Tools and processes that are anticipated to have low noise impact will be used during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Tools and processes that are anticipated to have a high noise impact will be used after hours, and on weekends when the building is typically unoccupied.

We anticipate low noise impact to occupants from the following tools:

• Jack hammers, breakers, and saws on the plaza and exterior stairs once the slab is cut away from the building

• Grinders

• Small hand tools

• Any equipment such as generators or compressors that do not cause any vibration energy propagating directly into the building structure

(Level 4 occupants may experience higher than anticipated noise impact while work takes place on level 5 above, and thus the construction working hours for this part of the renovation may be modified accordingly.)

However, we anticipate higher noise impact from the following tools and activities:

• Concrete coring equipment

• Rotary hammer (rotohammer)

• Chipping hammer

• Demolition work (sawing and jackhammering) on the stairs/plaza until the structure has been separated from the building structure

• Demolition work removing part of the 2nd-floor slab to create a 2-floor atrium


The impacted area will depend on the exact tool used and its location.

Continued study and analysis of the noise and vibration impact on all floors of the building will occur throughout the project, based on the evaluation done by an acoustics consultant. This information will be used to guide working hours and planning for sensitive research experiments.  In particular, planning is underway to review ways to reduce potential noise impact during heavy noise periods that could travel to the subterranean floors of the tower, work that is anticipated primarily for Phase 2 of the project (summer 2019 to summer 2020).

If you have questions regarding potential noise, or about any aspect of the project, please contact Sabrina or Alicia.

-Julie, Greg, Alicia, and Sabrina



July 31st Message from EH&S and Capital Programs

To:      Unit Managers

Psychology Complex Occupants

From: Capital Programs


Subject: Psychology Tower Seismic Renovation Project - Construction Impacts

During the period from August 2018 to September 2020, the Psychology Tower floors 1-8 will undergo seismic retrofit and renovation. Construction activities will take place in two phases. Phase 1 will be the renovation of floors 5-8. Phase 2 will be the renovation of floors 1-4. Each phase of the project will have three components typical for most Capital Programs renovation projects. First, any hazardous materials, such as asbestos or lead, will be removed in accordance with standard occupational health and safety abatement practices. Abatement of hazardous materials occurs under full containment, meaning the area being abated is closed off completely while material is removed and contained by contractors who specialize in this work. During this process, an independent environmental consultant will conduct daily air sampling and ensure that material clearance requirements are met prior to the start of the next phase of work.

After abatement then begins the demolition of existing nonhazardous building materials such as walls, flooring, ceilings, electrical and plumbing elements. This will happen by floor, followed directly by the construction of new elements, which will include new flooring, paint, lighting, upgraded restrooms and elevators.

Construction activities are planned to take place during the week, Monday through Friday, and some weekends. You will receive notification of the building work schedule from the Psychology building manager via email. Both phases of the renovation process involve activities that may generate some odors, noise, or dust, potentially more acutely on level 4 during the Phase 1 activity, as work will be taking place directly above on level 5.

Capital Programs, Environment Health & Safety, and the UCLA’s contractors are taking steps to minimize the impact that this project will have on your workspace and to ensure safety throughout the duration of the project. We ask that you follow directional and all construction-related signage. Stay clear of areas under construction designated off-limits to departmental faculty, staff, students and visitors. This especially includes levels 5-8 during Phase 1, and levels 1-4 during Phase 2. In the event that areas are made inaccessible using notices and caution tape, this means the area is not cleared for use and should not be entered by any building occupants. If the contractor has opened an area, but some locations remained taped off, stay clear. This is to ensure mitigation of dust. Daily cleaning of the corridors and lobby will be provided throughout the duration of the project to mitigate any construction-related dust being tracked into workspaces.

If, during either of the construction phases, you have any issue with noise, dust or other construction related items please contact Alicia Espinosa or Sabrina Lux. They will communicate directly with Capital Programs construction and project management to review the issue and will report back about steps being taken

We appreciate your cooperation during this exciting project and look forward to your fully renovated home in Psychology Tower.


Update: Week of July 2nd

The move to LSB and within the tower of Franz was completed on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to pack their labs and offices to prepare for the moves.  It was a hectic week, and now that the dust is settling, literally and figuratively, we wanted to update you on a few issues.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we try and resolve any pending or unexpected issues.

Lab/Office set up: As you reenter your new staging lab and/or office space, please let Alicia and me know if you are missing any items that were labeled for moving.  Or if you have something in your office that wasn’t on your move plan and doesn’t belong to you.  We hope most things were moved correctly, but would appreciate knowing about any issues as soon as possible.  We will have movers here on Tuesday, July 10th if you need to make minor adjustments to your lab or office configuration or if something was placed incorrectly based on the approved plan. If you’d like to get on a list for these adjustments, please send us an email by Friday, July 6th.

Computer/Printer Set up: If you are in LSB or in Franz please submit a helpdesk request if you are having any issues with your internet connections or need help with your computer and printer set up. LSB connections on the 5th floor should be up and running by tomorrow.

Phones: Franz phone lines are being moved today. LSB phones should have been completed on Friday. If you are now an occupant of LSB space and you are having problems with your phone set up, please report it to Alicia or Tyler.

Keys: All keys can be picked up at the Franz main office. We have had to order some additional keys, so please check with Tyler if you are waiting for keys.

Classroom and Meeting Rooms: We are working on updating our online reservation system to include all of our conference room schedules.  Those schedules and the classroom/meeting room listing can be found here:

Online and Paper Directory Information: We are working on updating all the relevant directories. We hope to have that completed in the next week.

Copiers: Copiers are located in room 1282A(2) and A224 (1) Franz Hall. There will not be copiers set up in LSB.

Mailrooms: The graduate student mail room has moved to room A224.

Graduate Student Computer Lab: The new location for the graduate student computer lab is room A219. Your access codes for this lab have not changed.

Cleaning: Spaces into which people moved were cleaned prior to the move. If you have any questions about room cleaning, please check with Tyler.

Please let us know any other concerns or questions and we will respond as soon as possible.