Moving Instructions

Packing boxes, plastic bags and labels for the upcoming Tower seismic upgrade moves are available for pick up in the Main Office. You may pick them up at any time M-F, 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 4:00pm. You do not need to pick up all your boxes at once. You can pick them up as you need them in the main office and we will replenish our supply as needed.

Please note that the labels provided are color coded, Pink Labels will be used for occupants relocating to LSB and Green Labels will be used for those relocating within the Franz Tower. Plastic bags are also provided to hold electronic devices (computers, etc.), cabling and accessories. You are responsible to fill out the room number where you will be staged on the labels and affix them to the boxes/bags that will moved.

You are responsible for packing and labeling your all personal items and computer equipment.

Tangram will be here from June 13th to 18th to label all furniture that is moving. You do not need to be present for Tangram to label the furniture. DO NOT REMOVE THESE LABELS OR CHANGE THEM.

Occupants should plan to be away from their workspace for the duration of their specific move period. Hallways and elevators will be occupied during these moves.

Move Dates:

Please see the project timeline.

Please remember the following when packing up for this upcoming move:

  • Fragile, sensitive, or expensive personal items should be removed from the workspace prior to the move.
  • Do not leave cash in desks or file drawers.
  • Desk drawers should be emptied and contents packed in boxes.
  • The top 2 drawers in 5 high lateral file cabinets should be emptied and put in boxes.
  • Any loose papers and personal items should be packed in boxes.
  • Movers will move furniture, books on bookcases and shelves, and your packed boxes to your new space.
  • Plants should be moved by the owner.
  • Small safes should be emptied of all contents.
  • You do not need to pack your campus telephone. ITS will be coming by and moving phones when the lines are moved to the new staging locations. Please note that LSB will receive new phones when the lines are moved over.
  • Any refrigerators moving should be completely emptied.
  • All wall hangings (bulletin boards, posters) in hallways of floors 5-8 will be discarded. If you want to save something, it must be removed from the wall by July 1st.
  • Psych IT personnel will be available at the completion of each move phase to assist users with IT-related connections or questions.