General Lab Policies

Information about about our Lab Policies including supported activities, general operating rules, wheelchair accessibility and acceptable use

General Purpose

This facility supports the teaching, training, and individual use by Psychology Department faculty, staff, and Life & Physical Science undergraduate and graduate students.

Supported Activities

The primary use of the computer lab is for activities listed below:

  • Open labs for undergraduate and graduate use
  • Formal instructional classes
  • Training sessions by IT staff
  • Department approved staff or faculty training sessions
  • Department approved meetings
  • Other group uses as approved by the Department of Psychology

Class web pages and course materials

Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a Psychology class may use the lab to access course information from class web pages. Other course materials, such as CDs that are packaged with textbooks may also be used.

General Operating Rules

No food or drink is allowed in the labs at any time under any circumstances. Software may be loaded on the disks of the computers in the lab or on relevant servers only by IT staff. Special class software must be provided to IT staff at least two weeks prior to use of the lab. Please see our lab reservation policy for more details.  Equipment, including chairs, cannot be removed from the lab. Users are responsible for saving their own work and backups. General hours of operation may vary.  Please check our hours and availability.

Please note: labs may be closed during holidays and for scheduled maintenance work.

Wheelchair Accessibility

All labs are wheelchair accessible. A wheelchair bound person will be provided with a workstation in the labs. This may mean asking someone who is sitting at the wheelchair accessible station to give up his/her seat. Please ask a lab proctor for assistance.

Acceptable Use

Unfortunately, computing resources can be used improperly, sometimes quite unintentionally and, in rare instances, deliberately. Accordingly, for both your personal benefit and the benefit of others, you must assume responsibility for making the best possible use of your privileges, and not abusing them.

All users should be aware of the acceptable use policies located at: