Sharp 80" TV User Guide


The new Sharp 80" LCD TV (located in Room1571) is the new classroom centerpiece to display presentations and videos from your computer in vibrant HD instead of the aging projector, which is at the end of its service life. With easy-access VGA, HDMI and audio connections, you can connect a plethora of computer and video devices.


To display content on the TV, you will need to provide the following items:

Laptop (MAC or PC) VGA or HDMI video cable (if supported by device) 3.5mm audio cable (if sound is required; usually not necessary if HDMI cable is used)

Video Cables

Audio Cables

Getting Connected

(NOTE: A remote control is not necessary for operation of TV and therefore not supplied in room)

  1. If possible, please set up equipment at least 15-30 minutes before presentation to allow sufficient time if helpdesk support is required.
  2. Connect video cable (and audio cable, if applicable) to appropriate port on wall jack located a few feet below TV:
    Wall Jack
  3. Power on TV: Several labels are affixed to left edge of TV to denote locations of control buttons. Press the POWER button found to left of corresponding label to turn on TV.
    TV Buttons
  4. TV's power-on state can be confirmed by presence of illuminated chevron found underneath SHARP logo located in bottom center of screen bezel:
    Sharp Logo
  5. Press the INPUT button located on left edge of TV. The following onscreen menu will appear.


    1. To display content of device connected to wall HDMI port, press the INPUT button until HDMI 1 is highlighted onscreen. Video output from device should automatically appear in a second or two.
    2. To display content of computer connected to VGA wall port, press the INPUT button until PC IN is highlighted onscreen. Video output from computer should automatically appear in a second or two.
  6. If necessary, adjust resolution from computer to optimize output. (NOTE: resolution settings will vary greatly depending on computer model/type).
  7. If audio connectivity is enabled and required, volume may be controlled by pressing either VOL UP or VOL DN buttons.

For additional questions or assistance, please contact the helpdesk at (310) 794-9327 or submit a helpdesk request.