John F. Dovidio, Yale University, Professor of Psychology


This presentation reviews evidence regarding the role of a contemporary prejudice-aversive racism-in subtle forms of racial discrimination among well-intentioned White Americans. It illustrates, through empirical evidence, how unintentional racial bias affects the behavior of healthcare providers, the perceptions of Black patients, and the effectiveness of the medical encounter. The implications of aversive racism for understanding the role of stigma in healthcare disparities more generally are discussed


Dr. Dovidio’s work centers around issues of social power and social relations, both between groups and between individuals. He explores both conscious (explicit) and unconscious (implicit) influences on how people think about, feel about, and behave toward others based on group membership. He continues to conduct research on aversive racism, a contemporary subtle form of prejudice, and on techniques for reducing conscious and unconscious biases.

This talk is part of the Psychology Diversity Science Initiative Lecture Series. This initiative aims to advance theoretical and research perspectives on underrepresented minority groups in the behavioral sciences.

This series is sponsored by the UCLA Psychology Department, the Dean of Life Sciences and the Office for Faculty Diversity & Development.

Event Location: 
Public Affairs 2214
Event Date and Time: 
Monday, June 23, 2014 - 2:15pm
Diversity Science

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