Danielle Keenan-Miller


Adjunct Professor
Director, UCLA Psychology Clinic
Ph.D.: University of California, Los Angeles
Primary Area: Clinical Psychology
Address: 2187 Franz Hall
Email: danikm@psych.ucla.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Representative Publications:

Dunn, D., Donato, S.*, & Keenan-Miller, D. (in press). Perceived helpfulness of previous therapy: A predictor of premature termination. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. DOI: 10.1037/pro0000515

Thompson, S., Keenan-Miller, D., Dunn, D., Hersh, J., Saules, K.K., Graham, S.R., Bell, D.J., Hames, J.L., Wray, A., Hiraoka, R., Heller, M.B., Taber-Thomas, S.M., Taylor, M. J., Hawkins II, R.C., Schacht, R.L., Liu, N.H., Schwartz, J.L., & Akey, E.H. (2023). Preferences for and acceptability of telesupervision among health service psychology trainees. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 17 (3), 221-230.  https://doi.org/10.1037/tep0000415

Yarrington, J.S.*, Boyd, M.*, & Keenan-Miller, D. (2022). The importance of virtual interviews for graduate school and internships in clinical psychology. The Behavior Therapist, 45, 254-259.

Thomas, J.L.*, Keenan-Miller, D., Sumner, J.A, & Hammen, C. (2022). Early life adversity and clinical intimate partner violence in adulthood: The mediating role of interpersonal conflict in adolescence.  Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 37, NP21345-NP21365. doi: 10.1177/08862605211057267

Chen, B.  & Keenan-Miller, D. (2021). How much therapy is enough? The dose-response effect and its moderators in a psychology training clinic. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 77, 20-35.

Keenan-Miller, D., Boyd, M., Westman, J.G., & Chorpita, B.F. (2020). Setting standards for supervision in a clinical science training clinic. The Behavior Therapist, 43, 127-133.

Miklowitz, D., Portnoff, L., Armstrong, C., Keenan-Miller, D., Breen, E.C., Muscatell, K.A., Eisenberger, N.I., & Irwin, M.R. (2016). Inflammatory cytokines and Nuclear Factor k-B activation in youth with bipolar and major depressive disorders. Psychiatry Research241, 315-322.

Keenan-Miller, D. & Corbett, H. (2015). Meta-supervision: Can students be safe and effective supervisors? Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 9, 315-321.


Marson, G. & Keenan-Miller, D. (2020). The Binge Eating Prevention Workbook: An eight-week individualized program to overcome compulsive eating and make peace with food. Oakland: New Harbinger.

Book Chapters:

Boyd, M.* & Keenan-Miller, D. (in press). Developing and Implementing Supervisory Standards. In M. Terjesen & T. Del Vecchio (Eds.) Handbook of Training and Supervision in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. New York: Springer.

Hammen, C. & Keenan-Miller, D. (2013). Mood Disorders. In I.B. Weiner, G. Stricker, & T.A. Widiger (Eds.), Handbook of Psychology: Clinical Psychology (2nd ed.) (pp 121-146). New York: John Wiley & Sons.

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