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Gerardo Ramirez
Assistant Professor
Primary Area:
Developmental Psychology
Secondary Area:
Cognitive Psychology
2243D Franz Hall
Research and Teaching Interests:

Why do competent students underperform on academic exams? I use both laboratory and classroom field research as a way to gain a comprehensive understanding of how affective and motivational factors interact with cognitive constructs, such as working memory, to shape students’ interest and achievement in STEM domains. I also translate the knowledge I gain from basic research to the design of interventions that can help students to learn and perform at their best during stressful academic situations. The populations I study range from young children (e.g., 1st and 2nd graders) to college students and elementary school teachers.

Keywords: math problem solving, cognitive control, , emotion regulation, high stakes testing, spatial ability, arithmetic strategies, domain anxiety, classroom teaching practices

Accepting Graduate Students?: Yes!

Representative Publications:

Ramirez, G., Gunderson, E.A., Levine, S.C., & Beilock, S.L. (2013). Math anxiety, working memory and math achievement in early elementary school. Journal of Cognition and Development.14(2), 187-202

Gunderson, E.A., Ramirez, G., Beilock, S.L., Levine, S.C., (2012). The relation between spatial skill and early number knowledge: The role of the linear number line. Developmental Psychology, 48(5), 1219- 1241

Ramirez, G., & Beilock, S. L. (2011). Writing About Testing Worries Boosts Exam Performance in the Classroom. Science, 331, 211-213.

Beilock, S.L., Gunderson, E.A., Ramirez, G., & Levine, S.C. (2010). Female teachers' math anxiety affects girls' math achievement. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 107(5), 1060-1063.