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Uri Maoz
Assistant Adjunct Professor
Ph. D.,
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Primary Area:
Cognitive Psychology
Secondary Area:
Behavioral Neuroscience
Franz 7532A
(310) 825-9616
Research and Teaching Interests:

You see an obstacle in the middle of the road while driving and have to decide whether to swerve to the left or to the right. There is little time, and you have to integrate perceptual information (visual, auditory, tactile, proprioceptive, …), memory (previous experience, condition of car and road, …), and so on. The complex and parallel interactions of neural information from these sources then boil down into a quick, resolute action. This is the process of decision-making. Yet how are decisions formed and what are the factors influencing them? What is the role of consciousness in decision-making? How reliable is the sense of agency over decisions and actions? And what influence do the neuroscientific answers to the above questions have on society, and especially the law? Our research focuses on giving computational accounts for these and similar questions.