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Eran Zaidel
Research Professor
California Institute of Technology
Primary Area:
Behavioral Neuroscience
7532B FH
(310) 825-4343
Research and Teaching Interests:

My cognitive neuroscience lab focuses on hemispheric specialization and interhemispheric interaction in the mind/brain. We work with normal participants and participants with acquired (hemispheric lesions, split-brain, etc.) and developmental (ADHD, dyslexia, and schizophrenia) deficits. We use a variety of techniques, ranging from behavior to neurophysiology to neuroanatomy. We study hemispheric relations in a variety of domains, including attention, perception, problem solving, error-monitoring, emotions and social cognition. Recent projects include hemispheric relations in attention and emotions (impulsivity, depression, and anxiety) and modulation of brain activity using EEG-Biofeedback.