Date published: 4/24/2014

A note on updating hardware devices for maximum security

As I.T. industry professionals continue to learn more about the Heartbleed vulnerability we want to advise users and system/network administrators to keep their networked devices updated as well.  Many vendors are recommending software or firmware updates for their devices.  A list of companies and status of their products can be found at the Vulnerability Notes Database.

Central campus groups like IT Services (ITS) can notify us when they observe intrusion attempts on Life Sciences targets.  A target can essentially be any device on the network, including but not limited to routers (both wired and wireless), servers, network storage devices (NAS), and printers.  Devices suspected to be compromised can be administratively removed from the network until we can verify that some corrective action has been taken. 

Please help us maintain a safe and secure network for all by keeping your devices updated.  It would also be a good idea to change passwords to user accounts as necessary.  As always, contact the Help Desk if you'd like assistance.

Information Technology