Date published: 9/15/2017

The September 2017 issue of American Psychologist is a Special Issue on Close Family Relationships and Health. Professor Chris Dunkel Schetter served as special issue coeditor and wrote the issue’s introduction, and Professor Ted Robles wrote an article for the issue.

The introduction by Professor Chris Dunkel Schetter titled “Moving Research on Health and Close Relationships Forward—A Challenge and an Obligation: Introduction to the Special Issue” is available at

Professor Ted Robles is a coauthor on an article titled “Advancing social connection as a public health priority in the United States.” The abstract is available at

Articles in the special issue focus on topics including how healthy relationships early in life affect physical and mental health in childhood and beyond; the role of intimate relationships in coronary heart disease; the need to focus on partners when treating someone with chronic disease; and the increasingly complex biological pathways involved linking relationships to health.

The issue is available to subscribers at

A summary of the issue is available at