Date published: 9/3/2015

We recently discovered that many messages intended for our Psychology Enterprise Messaging (EM) email users were mistakenly tagged as spam.  In working with the EM team we learned that EM has been processing an extremely high number of advertisement/marketing emails.  They explained that the EM servers start deferring legitimate messages when their system load is too high, and the loads have been higher than 80% recently.  To combat this problem EM’s spam settings were changed but in doing so, much of our legitimate mail (especially messages sent through mailing lists like Mailman), was quarantined. 

We’ve asked EM to specifically allow messages from UCLA Mailman ( now, but there are likely other legitimate email messages or sources that are also unfairly categorized as spam that should not be.

Your call to Action

Please take a moment to review your most recent Barracuda digest and scan for messages or senders that should not be considered spam.   If you find such messages contact Chris or Ray at our help desk (extension 49327) and they’ll ask you for the information necessary to have EM resolve the problem going forward.

Information Technology