Date published: 7/24/2015

You may have recently received a very succinct e-mail regarding “ITS Service Desk Support” and the need to validate your account by clicking on a link. (SEE SCREEN SHOT BELOW). It is a bogus e-mail. Therefore, do NOT click on any go to within the e-mail or otherwise respond to it. You may flag it as junk within your mail client and/or delete it altogether.

As a reminder, the hallmarks of a fraudulent e-mail include (but are not limited to):

  1. An unfamiliar sender (either by individual or organization name)
  2. Recipient is not addressed by name but rather generically as “user”, “employee”, etc.
  3. Unexpected requests to click on a link to validate account info (usually with a threat of account deactivation if no action is taken).
  4. Content with typos and/or odd grammar

If you receive any dubious e-mails asking you to log in with a user account, please contact the I.T. Help Desk immediately before taking any action requested within the questionable message. 

Information Technology