Date published: 4/22/2016

This academic year we have made technical upgrades in some classrooms which can make it easier to incorporate technology into lectures and discussions. Specifically, rooms A279, 3290 and 3534 now have AV Control Center panels installed. The panels neatly tie together computers and other digital inputs with data projectors or large TV screens. With these installations we’ve had far fewer issues with cables or adapters failing or being lost, computers not displaying correctly, or displays being accidentally left on and prematurely run down. These rooms may serve as models for future classroom upgrades as time and funding permit.

We hope that these improvements along with the expanded wireless network throughout the building will facilitate new possibilities for many creative, instructional enhancements. For a quick view of integrated AV resources in Franz Hall see our Room Details webpage. For even more information, including photos of these rooms, please visit the Technology Enhanced Rooms webpage.

Information Technology