Date published: 1/15/2014

We seek dissertations with an explicit focus on advancing the education of exceptionally-promising/high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds. Issues examined can include: the conditions that promote or hinder high achievement and the role of interventions (e.g., summer programs, advising, scholarships) in students’ experiences.

All applicants should know that:

  • Six fellowships of up to $25,000 each will be awarded.
  • Their dissertation topics must be tied to the Foundation’s mission: Advancing the education of exceptionally promising students who have financial need.
  • A diverse range of academic disciplines will be considered including, but not limited to, policy studies, sociology, economics, psychology, education, statistics, and psychometrics.
  • They must have successfully completed all pre-dissertation requirements, including defense of their dissertation proposals.
  • They must be candidates for a doctoral degree at a graduate school in the United States although they need not be U.S. citizens. 

Additional information including guidelines for the application, and materials such as a flyer, fact sheet, and postcard to share are available on the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation website.

Applications must be submitted by February 4, 2014.  Recipients will be notified in late May 2014.

Diversity Science