Date published: 7/6/2015

Professor Lara Ray received the Young Investigator Award from the Research Society on Alcoholism last month during the society's annual meeting in San Antonio, TX.

This award recognizes a young investigator who has demonstrated research excellence, potential to be a future leader and a commitment to the alcohol field. Winning this award is a real distinction in that RSA is a highly multidisciplinary meeting, bringing together researchers that span the scientific gamut from genetics to animal models to cognitive neuroscience to clinical neuroscience, psychology and medicine. It is therefore not only a recognition of excellence in ones subfield, but rather excellence in a broad field of behavioral and biomedical research focused on alcohol and its effects on the organism.

To add context and underscore her distinction, Lara may well be the only person ever to receive a Young Investigator Award after already having been elected to the Board of Directors of RSA (a committee typically reserved for only the most distinguished of alcohol researchers). Many congratulations, Lara!