Date published: 7/9/2015

Microsoft Windows 10 is coming at the end of July 2015.  

For the first time ever, Microsoft is offering Windows 10 as a free downloadable update.  You may have already seen a notification icon on your computer (circled in red within the image shown hereunder) that allows you to click on it and reserve a copy:

For now, the Psychology I.T. Department does not recommend upgrading to this new version of Windows, especially on your primary system that you use on a daily basis for e-mails, research, experiments, etc.   Due to numerous variables including but not limited to the age of your system, its overall reliability with the version of Windows currently installed, and compatibility with existing applications, Windows 10 may not be an ideal upgrade at this time since it may manifest new bugs that can critically affect your workflow.

For the sake of data loss prevention and minimal downtime due to a complicated installation, please contact the I.T. Help Desk first should you wish to upgrade non-critical systems to Windows 10.

To avoid upading to Windows 10 accidently, visit Manually Install Optional Windows Updates Without Upgrading to Windows 10.

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