Date published: 11/24/2010

Psychology graduate students share their learning with the world outside of UCLA.

Psychology in Action is an organization formed and run by UCLA psychology doctoral students. With over 30 participating members, the group aims to communicate psychological research to the community and other interested parties outside of psychology. The group maintains that interesting, important, and potentially life-altering information is published by psychologists at a rapid rate, but these findings rarely reach public consciousness.   

The group is organized under the notion that psychological research is not only for the consumption of other clinicians and researchers, but that its broadest impact in the quest to discover how the mind works, what drives us, and how do we differ from one another, is to make it known to the world outside of academia.  Psychology in Action members have the benefit of learning from among the best instructors and researchers in the field, and attempt to “pay it forward” by a number of methods, including a blog, community outreach events and newsletters. For more information, please visit