Date published: 4/1/2016

Abigail Martinez, Administrative Specialist in our Academic Personnel Unit, repeatedly goes above and beyond in her position and efforts on behalf of the Department. Abigail, during the winter quarter, successfully managed 4 simultaneous faculty searches. She provided direction and service well above and beyond the normal function for her position as the Academic Specialist considering she will be officially with the department for 1 year effective April 2016.  She worked tirelessly with the faculty search committees and other campus faculty in setting up over 100 meetings for the candidate's itineraries. Many of the organized meetings had to take place within the same week and she was essential in the successful planning and completion of the tasks that were presented to her. Many of the candidates expressed acknowledgment of her professionalism and great organizational skills. Abigail is a great addition to the Administrative Staff and the department.

Staff Spotlight