Date published: 4/7/2017

Bobby Chan

Bobby wears many hats in our IT unit: CCLE course website administrator and point of contact for faculty who use CCLE, computer lab operations specialist, and IT special projects liaison. His regular and timely assistance with CCLE course websites is important for the faculty and students who rely on information posted there daily, but Bobby is also interested in seeking to expand the use and capabilities of CCLE. He is part of a small task force that piloted and promoted the use of REEF polling within the CCLE environment. Thanks to his testing and promotion instructors and students now have access to a new and effective learning tool. His testing and feedback played an important role in the development of another CCLE feature – cloud printing of course materials from our wepa print stations. Now with one card swipe students can print any of their current course documents on the fly.

Bobby can often be found helping students in the computer lab, or nearby testing and troubleshooting new equipment and services. He is resourceful, helpful, tenacious and good-natured. We are grateful for his many contributions to the IT team and department at large.

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