Date published: 6/12/2015

Candice Carpio

Candice Carpio is the first recipient of the Psychology Staff Spotlight Award. Candice has served as the Assistant to the Chair for the past year and was nominated for this award by multiple managers and while Candice is always willing to go above and beyond in her work duties, this was especially true over the past 3 months. Because of the staffing shortage in our Academic Personnel office she helped with many aspects of the searches process from beginning to end. Additionally, Candice volunteered to help process over 100 travel reimbursements for our graduate students when the Financial Services Unit was short staffed. This is a significant amount of work and her speed and accuracy in doing was very much appreciated! Candice is always willing to pitch in and help and these are just some examples of that beyond the scope of her job that have occurred in the past few months.

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