Date published: 6/19/2017

Elisheva Hochberg-Miller has been with the Infant Development Program since 2014, when she was a student in our Applied Developmental Minor. Upon graduation, Ellie joined IDP as a full time teacher at our Fernald location, where she was recently promoted to lead teacher. Ellie is a very patient, caring, and kind caregiver who always gives her full attention to the children in her care. She wears many hats as the lead teacher of the classroom. Not only does she care for 8 children daily, she trains and mentors student interns who are part of the Applied Developmental Psychology Minor. She plans curriculum, conducts evaluations quarterly for interns, leads a team of 3, keeps a quarterly schedule for the students, and keeps a journal for each of her primary group of children, among many other things. She is an excellent role model and she never sways from her calm and patient demeanor with children. This year Ellie experienced several changes to the program, moving from a teacher who went on maternity leave and then left the program, to a new lead teacher who stayed for a short time, to becoming the lead teacher herself, all with the utmost professionalism. Ellie is also in the process of attaining her Master’s Degree at Cal State Northridge, something she is doing while she works full time. IDP is proud to have Ellie as the leader of Fernald and looks forward to all that she continues to contribute to the program.

Staff Spotlight