Date published: 10/14/2016

Mahea has been be a member of the financial services unit in the Psychology Department since May 2015.  When she joined us, she was not only became newest member of our team but she was completely new to the UCLA community.  Mahea quickly learned many of the functions and skills related to her job, started to build relationships with colleagues across campus and consistently demonstrated a willingness to take on new challenges with optimism and positivity.  In April 2016 through July 2016, our unit experienced a significant transition in staffing during which time several fund managers left to pursue different opportunities.  This required all of us in the office to assume additional responsibilities and Mahea met this challenge head on.  She volunteered to take on a larger grant portfolio than we initially intended to assign to her in order to maintain continuity in the services provided to her PIs, and in doing so further demonstrated her ability and dedication to seeing her assignments through.  We are very happy to have this opportunity to recognize Mahea’s contributions, dedication and collaborative spirit.   She continues to be an important part of our team and want to acknowledge her with this quarter’s Staff Spotlight Award.

Staff Spotlight