Date published: 6/17/2016

Ray Yamauchi

Ray joined our department in the Spring of 2013.  As a member of the IT Unit he has provided essential service to all department members by keeping our computers, printers and related devices in good working order. Together with Chris Nguyen, they regularly close over 300 help desk requests per quarter!  Ray’s quick and professional problem-solving is always appreciated but most particularly during special departmental events.  As an example, there have been several faculty searches this year, all of which included visits and/or job talks that required technical setup and support.  Ray handled many of these events himself with a smile, and an extra cable (or two).   In recognition of his sincere concern for our technical success and his uncanny ability to pull all of the technical details into place, he is hereby acknowledged with this quarter’s Staff Spotlight Award.

Thank you, Ray!

Staff Spotlight