Date published: 10/4/2016

We were proud to welcome 23 incoming students to our graduate program during Orientation Day on Tuesday, September 20, 2016!

Welcome Incoming Class of 2016:

Giebl, Saskia

Goldstein, Lauren

Gray, Maureen

Green, ReJoyce

Guassi Moreira, Joao

Guha, Anika

Higginbotham, Gerald

Jimenez, Luis

Kadambi, Akila

Kodish, Tamar

Lanser, Isabelle

Lee, Junho

Luna, Michelle

MacDonald, James

Murray, Carolyn

Nooteboom, Peter

Pointing, Carolyn

Price, Gwendolyn

Rahal, Danny

Saifan, Dana

Shen, Lucy

Wright, Blanche

Yeh, Maggie