COVID-19 Student Resources

What is the status of classes and instruction?

  • Fall 2020 update: In response to guidelines issued by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, UCLA will be moving to remote-only instruction for the fall, with the exception of a handful of in-person or hybrid courses that provide training for students preparing for essential workforce jobs and which cannot be conducted remotely. These include certain advanced, required classes in health and medicine, emergency services, social work, the sciences and engineering. Read the full message.
  • Schools and academic departments will provide a wide range of remote courses to ensure that all students have access to the classes they need to make progress toward their academic degrees.

Resources for remote learning

  • Students should visit the Resources for Remote Learning page, which explains the hardware and software they’ll need for their classes and gives advice on how to adjust to learning online, developing good remote-study habits, avoiding distractions and other topics.
  • The Helping Students Stay Connected at Home page lists a variety of free and low-cost technology options to help students get and stay connected.
  • This introductory guide to remote classes will help students familiarize themselves with class meetings, completing course assignments and taking exams online.
  • The UCLA Store site provides information on the availability of textbooks and other course materials for students learning remotely.
  • For those students who have limited access to the necessary technologies for remote learning, UCLA has several programs that can help with purchasing or borrowing laptops, wifi hotspots, and other devices. Please visit Bruin Resources and Tools for more information.

For more information and a more comprehensive list of resources UCLA has to offer about the status of classes, procedures for final exams, commencement, tuition, financial aid, scholarships, housing and counseling, among other topics, please visit:

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