Eric W. Maier, Ph.D., BCBA-D
25500 Hawthorne Blvd. Suite 1000 Torrance, CA 90505
Description of Organization and Population Served: 
CUSP is a behavioral model of education and treatment that draws on: 1. Other behavioral models of education and treatment, 2. Principles, tactics, and strategies from Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), 3. The philosophy of Selection by Consequences, 4. Research on our model and its components, and 5. The philosophy of inclusion and learning in the Most Natural Environment First, these components are applied to the community of people involved in the education and treatment of children diagnosed with autism and other disabilities. This treatment community includes students, parents, teachers, therapists, supervisors, and trainers. We use System Analysis to determine the relationships, roles, and expectations for all of the parties involved in the treatment and to maintain the integrity of those treatments. Research shows that behavior analysis, behavioral models of instruction, and system analysis are the most effective behavior-change tools to date. Second, the five components listed above are applied directly to children with special needs. CUSP is dedicated to providing quality services to children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. We specialize in designing truly individualized behavioral and educational programs for children 1-15 years of age. This means that each child's specific strengths and weaknesses are taken into account so that he/she learns everything that is required of a typically developing child of the same age.
Description of Fieldwork Project and Responsibilities of Intern: 
The intern will assist behavior analysts in insuring reliability and integrity of behavioral treatments delivered to children with autism.
Special Qualifications: 
Training provided
Hourly Commitment Per Week: 
6 hours