Edoardo Croce
125 Shoreway Road San Carlos CA 94070
Description of Organization and Population Served: 
eTherapi is an online platform that allows individuals to easily access mental health care resources with the help of the digital medium. We take the travel and the long waits in between sessions out of therapy. Therapists use our platform because it’s a convenient and a cost-effective way of delivering care and managing the patient relationships. Patients love eTherapi because it gives them the ability to access mental health resources any time, when they need them most. eTherapi was launched at Stanford University in 2011 and has enjoyed good initial success as an early entrant in the telemedicine market. We recently re-launched our web app and are riding a strong wave of growth in the telehealth space. We have big plans to become the market leader in telemental health!
Description of Fieldwork Project and Responsibilities of Intern: 
Stuff you’ll be helping with include: Write, edit, source, curate, post mental health related content to distribute through our various media channels Facilitate the work of our community of content owners and producers Engage with the press to help reporters find content and sources for their articles Get other mental health websites to send some of their traffic to eTherapi Recruit therapists to join eTherapi Learn and apply the latest Search Engine Optimization tricks to get our content to rank higher in Google results Educate patients and mental health professionals about our product Design and execute other growth marketing tests Answer emails, phone calls and live chats with current and potential users
Special Qualifications: 
We are looking for someone who: Understands why telehealth is big and is passionate about being part of it Shows knowledge of the healthcare tech space and knows why companies like Talkspace, ZocDoc and Healthtap are great at what they do Has experience and interest in content marketing, online user acquisition and customer service Is up for picking up the phone and walking a health professional through a sign up process, while highlighting our product’s features and benefits Works collaboratively, is analytical in their thinking, likes details, communicates well and is proactive Understands the importance of finding the right balance between perfection and getting stuff done Is responsible, flexible, mature and fun to work with! Interested? If so, send a note to with the following: 1. One article of 400+ words written by you targeting a consumer audience (i.e., not an academic or business audience), on a topic of your choice related to mental health, psychology, positive psychology, self growth. Imagine that this article will be published on choose a topic and a style that you think would be most appealing to a well-sized audience. 2. What are your favorite web or mobile apps in the mental health space? What do you think are the best in terms of efficacy? What are the ones that you think will gain consumer acceptance fastest? Why? 3. It’s your second week of work at eTherapi and you are asked to draft the new process to recruit therapists to practice on our platform: can you give us an overview of how you would recruit therapists? What criteria should we use to recruit? What should the process look like?
Hourly Commitment Per Week: