Amanda Gentz
100 West Walnut Street Suite 375, Pasadena, CA 91124
(626)395-7100 ext. 2561
Description of Organization and Population Served: 
Hathaway-Sycamores is a large non-profit community mental health agency providing services throughout Los Angeles County. We provide a comprehensive array of treatment services ranging from residential treatment, community based outpatient programs, medication support, psychological testing, and co-occurring services. We also have a large family resource center in Highland Park where we do outreach and engagement providing resources for low income families.
Description of Fieldwork Project and Responsibilities of Intern: 
The internship program is directly supervised by Amanda Gentz, a Research Analyst. The intern's main role is to support the research department in data evaluation and integrity. Interns will work with an array of clinically sensitive data by conducting literature reviews, assisting with data entry, verification, and analysis utilizing Excel and SPSS programs. Tasks will be assigned to maximize the interns learning experience and will be provided within the larger organizational context to better understand how data is used within the organization to drive performance improvement amongst our programs. Interns will also have an opportunity to meet with the department head, Janine Quintero Psy.D., Assistant Vice President of Evaluation and Research (a licensed clinical psychologist who is also alumni from UCLA's psychology undergraduate program) to discuss career aspirations, graduate school, and professional development.
Special Qualifications: 
Please apply 3-4 weeks before the quarter starts as students must undergo a fingerprint process.
Hourly Commitment Per Week: 
6 hours a week