Kendra Oliver
5777 W. Century Blvd., Suite 675 Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 649-0499, ext 54
Description of Fieldwork Project and Responsibilities of Intern: 
The Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis provides mentors and friends to adults with developmental disabilities. The Institute unites volunteers with people who are challenged by a developmental disability (many individuals also have dual diagnosis; most are high functioning; children and teens with developmental disabilities) to spend time talking, sharing, and learning together.
Special Qualifications: 
The intern will encourage a supportive relationship between himself/herself and an adult or child who is challenged with a developmental disability. The intern will meet with the person on a regular basis at mutually convenient times to share activities both individuals enjoy such as movies, sports, shopping, or preparing a meal together. We offer a training manual, orientation, and one-on-one experience prior to meeting alone with individual. The people we assist are located all over Los Angeles County & Ventura County. The initial meeting and training will take place at the above address. Meetings between the intern and the person receiving support can take place at mutually convenient locations and times.
Hourly Commitment Per Week: 
6 hours