Faculty Sponsor: 
Bjork, Elizabeth
Contact Name: 
Erin Sparck
Description of Research Project: 
The primary goal of this research is to promote learning and memory performance within educational contexts through the investigation of principles in cognitive psychology. One of the many topics currently under investigation are situations in which new formats of multiple-choice tests are used after studying some to-be-learned information. We believe that multiple-choice initial testing is more beneficial than is cued-recall initial testing (and can be designed to be even more effective) because multiple-choice initial tests direct attention more broadly-- not just to information pertaining to the question, but also to information pertaining to the alternatives, which is helpful on a final test. We are trying to figure out how to engage people in effective learning strategies on these tests naturalistically.
Description of Student Responsibilities: 
Research assistants will minimally be expected to run participants, help with data entry/coding and basic experiment design, read background articles, as well as attend lab meetings. If desired, research assistants may get involved in their own unique research project, which is a great experience for those potentially interested in graduate school.