Faculty Sponsor: 
Castel, Alan
Contact Name: 
Catherine Middlebrooks
Description of Research Project: 
How do we remember valuable information? Which factors contribute to successful memory for important information at a later time, and which can hinder such remembering? This line of research focuses on value-directed remembering--our ability to selectively attend to important information at the expense of less important information when remembering everything is unlikely/impossible--and addresses aspects of learning, memory, attention, and metacognition. This includes the strategic control over memory and processes of attention; how item importance influences memory and metamemory; how factors known to compromise attention, in general, impact value-based learning; how expectations learning and retrieval conditions influence the study of important information and subsequent retrieval; and so forth.
Description of Student Responsibilities: 
Research assistants are responsible for collecting data, which includes scheduling participants via SONA and administering a variety of computer-based tasks. Some of these tasks require greater RA-participant interaction in addition to the computer component. RAs are expected to commit to at least 3 consecutive academic quarters and provide a minimum of 8 hours per week of lab work. Applicants should be responsible, punctual, and detail-oriented. Prior experience as a research assistant is preferred, though not required. If interested, please include a copy of your CV, a list of previous psychology courses taken, and the contact information of 1-2 people who could provide a reference upon request in your initial email.