Faculty Sponsor: 
Bjork, Robert A.
Contact Name: 
Mikey Garcia
Room Number: 
6437C Franz
Description of Research Project: 
I am looking for a motivated, self-starting, technologically inclined undergraduate student with programming experience to help develop and document an open-source tool for running psychology experiments on the web. This position would require availability during the spring and summer and has the potential of turning into a scientific publication depending on the amount of work completed. The tool we are using is written in mostly in PHP although you do not strictly need prior PHP experience. To see the current state of the project visit its GitHub page (https://github.com/gikeymarcia/Collector). As part of your participation in this project you will receive a lot of hands on experience in how to create psychological experiments and read scientific articles.
Description of Student Responsibilities: 
Students will: - Attend lab meetings with graduate, undergraduate, and primary investigators - Read primary source scientific journal articles - Learn to debug and write code in PHP - Help write and edit documentation for an open-source science tool