Faculty Sponsor: 
Clewett, David
Contact Name: 
Jamie Greer
Room Number: 
5567 Pritzker Hall
Description of Research Project: 
Throughout our lives, we are bombarded by a continuous stream of sensory information. Yet because our mental resources are limited, we cannot process or remember everything we encounter. How, then, does the brain prioritize and store important information in memory? What cognitive and neural factors help transform our experiences into lasting memories? The goal of our research is to promote a deeper understanding of how stressful, emotional, or salient circumstances shape the content and structure of memory. We take a diverse, multimodal approach that includes a combination of neurophysiological (eye-tracking, skin conductance) and neuroimaging (fMRI/MRI), and behavioral techniques to study. We are currently seeking students who can assist with online behavioral studies. However, opportunities to assist on other techniques may become available once in-person research resumes.
Description of Student Responsibilities: 
Research assistants would help in the collection of data by running subjects, data entry, and general office work for at least 7 hours per week. They will have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of research, including literature search, study design, experimental design, stimulus preparation, data analysis, and potential manuscript preparation. Experience with programming is a plus, but not required. Psych 120A and/or Psych 120B are highly recommended but also not required. A CV and/or transcript may be requested after the faculty mentor is contacted.