Faculty Sponsor: 
Lu, Hongjing
Contact Name: 
James Kubricht
Room Number: 
Franz 6570
Description of Research Project: 
The mission of the Computational Vision and Learning Lab is to investigate human learning and reasoning from a computational perspective. This study comprises two topics: analogical learning and motion adaptation. In analogical learning, a subject is given a solution to one problem and then asked to solve a similar problem with varying structural similarities. We find that subjects often use the first problem to solve the second problem without direct awareness of the underlying analogy. In motion adaptation, subjects are presented with varying visual stimuli and are then asked to categorize point light walker data. Results show that the initial visual stimuli may cause the participant to adapt to the visual stimuli and categorize the walker data toward one preferential gender.
Description of Student Responsibilities: 
Students will be involved in conducting experiments, data collection and organization. Students also have the opportunity to aid in the design of new experiments and the development of computational models. In addition, a 5-page paper is required to receive course credit.