Faculty Sponsor: 
Denise Chavira
Contact Name: 
Leslie Rith-Najarian
Description of Research Project: 
The CALMA (Culture and Anxiety Lab for Mental Health Advances) is a research lab that focuses on increasing knowledge that will improve the mental health of children with anxiety disorders. One of our interests includes the use of novel modes of treatment delivery such as online, telephone based, or parent-mediated interventions. In Fall 2017 to Winter 2018 one of our research studies will be testing an online cognitive and behavioral skills program for university students. This study will examine how students use an online platform to learn skills and strategies. Additionally, the research will examine what motivates students to engage with the program, taking into account their decision making. Finally, at the end of the study we will be collecting feedback about pros/cons of the platform interface.
Description of Student Responsibilities: 
Research Assistants are expected to commit to at least 2 consecutive academic quarters, provide a minimum of 6 hours a week of lab work, plus 2 hours for weekly lab meetings. Research Assistant duties include: participant email communications, data entry and database management, modifying the user interface of the platform, motivational check-ins with participants, and translation of platform materials (if fluent in Spanish). All research assistants will also be expected to read relevant articles and lead a discussion at lab meeting, attend recruitment events, and conduct some data analysis to be included in their final paper.