Faculty Sponsor: 
Gallus, Jana
Anderson School of Management
Contact Name: 
Jana Gallus
Description of Research Project: 
How do social relationships influence the choice and the effects of incentives? In the current line of research, we plan to run lab and field experiments where we will vary the pre-existing social relationship between the reward giver and recipient and the types of incentives used. We will then measure the effects on motivation. Our ultimate goal is to test a new theory of incentives that can explain why the same incentives can be effective in some social contexts but backfire in other contexts. The research will incorporate insights from economics, social psychology, and anthropology and will be directly actionable for managers, policy-makers, and anyone that needs a hand from a friend. This project will also relate to topics in Social Cognition including Attribution Theory. Alan Fiske (Distinguished Professor, Psychological Anthropologist) will be actively collaborating on the research. His research aims to understand what enables humans to coordinate in often cooperative, complex, culturally and historically varying systems of social relations. He studies social and moral cognition, motives and emotions; relationship-constitutive actions, experiences, and communications; motivations for violence; interpretations of misfortune and death; and links between psychopathology and social relationships.
Description of Student Responsibilities: 
Job responsibilities: - Design experiments in Qualtrics - Administer and implement experiments (lab and possibly field) - Help with data analysis - Conduct a literature review - Contribute to the idea generation process - Join our “lab” meetings at Profeta Desired qualifications/skills: - Experience managing and analyzing data (using R code) - Interest in pursuing research in graduate school (in economics, psychology, or business) - Interest in behavioral economics and social psychology