Faculty Sponsor: 
Silvers, Jennifer
Contact Name: 
Yael Waizman
Room Number: 
Franz Hall room A191
Description of Research Project: 
This project is aimed at characterizing the neural and behavioral development of cognitive self-regulation (e.g. inhibitory control) and executive function in individuals age 9-25 who have experienced early adversity in the form of orphanage rearing, compared to those who have been raised by their biological families since birth. A second aim of the study is to test cognitive regulation as a moderator of early adversity’s effects on mental health outcomes. The research uses convergent methodology that integrates behavioral measures (e.g. stroop task, flanker task), neuroimaging (fMRI), and self-report measures.
Description of Student Responsibilities: 
Students assist with screening and recruiting participants, obtaining consent and assent from participants, and running experimental sessions. Additional duties include data entry, management and analysis.