Student Opportunities

A comprehensive listing of various opportunities that may be of interest to department majors and minors.


Research, Fellowships, & Publications:

UCLA Undergraduate Research Journal in the Social Sciences and Humanities (ALEPH)

Join Aleph—UCLA’s enduring and revelatory undergraduate journal for the humanities and social sciences. Ever wanted to know what it’s like to review, edit, and publish? Curious to peer behind the curtain of the publication process? Hope to make a contribution to scholarship offered to the public? Need Honors credit or something intriguing on your CV/résumé?

Aleph meets once a week, same time and place, and is registered under Honors 101C, Seminar 2. Any and all questions will be answered; any and all willing and dedicated can enroll in the course for an invaluable experience. Please e-mail with any further questions

Modern Psychological Studies

Modern Psychological Studies (MPS) is a psychological journal devoted exclusively to publishing manuscripts by undergraduate students.  We are continuously seeking quality manuscripts for publication, and will consider manuscripts in any area of psychology.  Although MPS primarily focuses on results from experimental research, there are also publication opportunities for theoretical papers, literature reviews and book reviews. 

MPS is edited and reviewed by undergraduate students at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga.  We strive to make the journal submission process a learning experience and to encourage quality research.  By placing the journal in the hands of undergraduates, the editorial staff at MPS wishes to emphasize to fellow undergraduates:  meaningful, quality work, and communicating that work to interested students and professionals.  The journal is published twice a year and the annual subscription rate is $30.


UCLA Opportunities/ Resources:

The Writing Success Program (WSP)

The WSP offers to UCLA undergraduate students. WSP is the longest running writing service on campus, and is the only student-initiated, student-run academic service of its kind.

Other Research-Related Opportunities