ADP Internship Site Information

Since the fall 1997, all of our approved ADP Internship sites are accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs.Each ADP student intern is placed at a pre-approved site and paired with an experienced teacher. Their supervising teacher serves as their guide and mentor throughout the three quarters of their internship. Placements are based on each classroom’s needs, our commitment to broadening student experience (i.e., students are not placed at a site at which they have already worked) and, for the off-campus ECE University Village placement, ability to take the bus, bike or drive to Sepulveda and National Blvds, 20 minute travel from campus. 

Placement Sites

Sites change according to availability each quarter, and most on campus. Students applying for the internship should be aware that some of these child care programs function between the hours of 7:30am-5:30pm. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to scheduling classes around the internship. Here is a list of the sites at which students have been placed at in order to complete the required 240 internship hours for Psychology 134A/D, 134B/E and 134C:

  • UCLA Department of Psychology Infant Development Program (IDP), located at the Fernald center on the northern edge of campus:
  • 320 Charles Young Drive North
    Los Angeles, Ca 90095-1462
  • UCLA Early Care and Education, with three locations on and off campus:
    • Krieger Center (off Bellagio Drive, near the dorms in the northwest part of campus)
    • Fernald Center:
      320 Charles Young Drive North
      Los Angeles, Ca 90095-1462
    • University Village Center:
      3233 S. Sepulveda Boulevard
      ​Los Angeles, CA 90034